Torch-On Felt Built-Up Roofing System

Torch-on felt built-up roofing system for flat and low sloped roofs. The felt we use is Dermabit made by Casali who have 30 years experience in felt production.
Casali have far superior products compared to most companies and to felts purchased at your local DIY stores. We buy Dermabit through an Irish supplier.

Proper application uses the warm roof system as opposed to the older cold roof system that most roofers locally still use. The cold roof system has been completely stopped in other countries because of heat loss and moisture problems. Different systems and multiple layers may be required by different engineers and can be catered for.

Different colours are available depending on size of area and availability. There are many different products to suit many different roofs and projects such as ....

  • Copper felt for a very attractive looking finish on high end roofs
  • Tanking felt for waterproofing up walls, basements and bridges
  • Special felt for green roof gardens.

3 or 4 mil under layer and 4 mil mineral finish carries a 15 year guarantee with conditions.

There is a product to suit every job so contact us to find the right product for you.


Drogheda Torch on 1


Drogheda Roofing Torch On 2

Dermabit Torch On Felt