These products are made by Casali who have a number of products in this range which, we purchase through our Irish supplier.



  • Waterproofing walking surfaces such as balconies, terraces (can be tiled over) concrete flat roof areas, bathrooms, shower and valley gutter systems.
  • Waterproofing non-walking surfaces.
  • Waterproofing foundations, supporting structures and wherever the application of other membranes is difficult.
  • Waterproofing swimming pools or water reservoirs.
  • Waterproofing irregular shaped surfaces.
  • Protecting cement structures from penetration by aggressive substances in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide, soluble salts such as chlorides and sulphates in soil and/or sea salts.
  • Waterproofing parking areas and spectator terraces.

These products have different applications some with fibreglass and multiple layers of the product.

Different colours are available that are easy on the eye for walkways, terraces, car parks, bathing areas, roofs and anywhere that will be seen.

There are many products available to suit any job, so contact us to find the right product for you.


The ACRYROOF System is a Styrene-Acrylic Resin-Based Waterproofing System with internal plasticisation designed for waterproofing flat surfaces or surfaces with complex geometry.

After curing, the Acryroof System becomes a seamless elastic waterproofing membrane that adapts to the small settlement displacements of the deck and those of the laying surface caused by thermal stress. The properties of the synthetic resins and additives make the product practically inert to ultraviolet rays and extremely resistant to ageing. The ACRYROOF System has been tried and tested by Casali over more than 15 years in projects in Italy and abroad.

The product is ideal for the following uses:

  • Waterproofing surfaces subject to foot traffic such as balconies, terraces and flat roofs.
  • Waterproofing surfaces not subject to foot traffic, sheet plate etc.
  • Restoration of existing bituminous membranes (with specific primer).
  • Ideal for irregular laying surfaces such a domes, undulated surfaces etc.
  • As protection for concrete structures against the infiltration of aggressive substances in air such as carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide and sulphur trioxide, soluble salts such as chlorines and sulphates in air.

The Polyroof System is a two component polyurethane resin-based waterproofing system for the non-demolitive resurfacing of waterproofing on tiled or cement terraces and balconies, or more generally new or existing flat cement surfaces or those with complex geometries, water reservoirs, swimming pools etc.

After curing, the Polyroof System becomes a seamless waterproofing membrane with elastic behaviour which adapts to the slight settlements that the deck undergoes as a result of thermal stress.

The Polyroof System is also used to waterproof surfaces subject to high pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

The properties of the synthetic resins and the additives of the Polyroof System make it practically inert to ultraviolet rays and extremely resistant to ageing.


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